Cabinet Plans

Make a legacy of your own

Join a community of makers across the globe, and join the Lowther family by building your own speaker cabinets based off our cabinet plans.


Lowther Speaker Cabinets

Make a legacy of your own

Recent years have seen a community of makers grow across the globe, with Lowther family members building their own speaker cabinets based off our free cabinet plans.

This isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of skill, patience and precise techniques to create a Lowther cabinet that will do the drive-unit it houses justice.

But, if you have the enthusiasm to take on such a project yourself, you’ll find that there’s no end to the joy that comes with having built your own Lowther cabinet! Each time you tune into that unique Lowther sound, you’ll be reminded of the journey you went on to get there.

Take your time to browse through the cabinets below before contacting us to request your free cabinet plan, designed to complement your driver purchase.

Ready to take on a big project? Browse through our expert-level speaker cabinets to find that challenge you’re looking for! Otherwise, have a look at the moderate or easy-level ranges.


Come and try it for yourself, and give your ears the gift of flawless sound.

Step into our Northampton listening room and discover the full range of Lowther speakers and products in a room that’s tailored for audio perfection.



Designed by ear and built by hand.

We aim to bring you as close to the original musical event as we possible. All our speakers are handmade to order by our dedicated team of Lowther enthusiasts who combine 90 years of technical knowledge, decades of mastery and skill with a high level of music sensitivity.

Towards Perfection