A Series

Listen to a legacy

Our A Series really encompasses the classic Lowther sound. They hark back to the designs that first put Lowther on the map for audiophiles around the world so many years ago. A legacy that you can continue to listen to today.


Lowther A Series

Listen to a Legacy

High-quality sound reproduction
Each model in the A Series uses a large and powerful magnet assembly, a preference that has become synonymous with the Lowther brand the world over. This powerful magnet control allows you to experience near flawless sound, thanks to a highly reactive speaker replicating live music at an exceptionally high-quality.
Crystal clear audio
Many Lowther family members tell us that they love the A Series for its transparent audio, especially when listening to mid-range frequencies (which covers much of mainstream music). This makes the A Series a fantastic and accessible option for audiophiles looking to join the Lowther legacy.
Full design potential
The A Series can be enjoyed with any system that fits a single drive unit, or they can be incorporated into multi-unit assemblies such as our famous horn-loaded designs.
Bring a heritage home
Enjoy a part of audio heritage at home, with the A Series. The perfect addition to your speaker collection.

Come and try it for yourself, and give your ears the gift of flawless sound.

Step into our Northampton listening room and discover the full range of Lowther speakers and products in a room that’s tailored for audio perfection.



Designed by ear and built by hand.

We aim to bring you as close to the original musical event as we possible. All our speakers are handmade to order by our dedicated team of Lowther enthusiasts who combine 90 years of technical knowledge, decades of mastery and skill with a high level of music sensitivity.

Towards Perfection