C Series

Quality doesn't always come at a cost

Looking for the most affordable way to get the Lowther sound? The C Series are our most accessible range of drive units. We’ve used ferrite magnets to lower the cost whilst still meeting our stringent requirements - ready to join the Lowther family?


Lowther C Series

Enjoy the most accessible Lowther drive units

The C Series is our most accessible range of drive units. Whilst we’re in pursuit of perfection, we also know that perfection comes at a price. So, we’ve made some adjustments to ensure that they’re more affordable for you. But we haven’t neglected the quality.

Compact quality
The C Series covers our smallest drive units, designed to fit into smaller speaker cabinets and cater to more compact rooms.
Affordable Lowther sound
Ferrite magnets make the C Series more affordable whilst still meeting our stringent quality standards. With ferrite magnets being the go-to-choice for many speaker manufacturers on the market, you can rest assured that they’re an excellent choice for a high-quality speaker.
Join the Lowther family
Upgrade your audio system with a C Series drive unit and join the Lowther family. Get in touch with our team to discuss your next steps.

Come and try it for yourself, and give your ears the gift of flawless sound.

Step into our Northampton listening room and discover the full range of Lowther speakers and products in a room that’s tailored for audio perfection.



Designed by ear and built by hand.

We aim to bring you as close to the original musical event as we possible. All our speakers are handmade to order by our dedicated team of Lowther enthusiasts who combine 90 years of technical knowledge, decades of mastery and skill with a high level of music sensitivity.

Towards Perfection