Lowther Hegeman

The Lowther Hegeman is more than just a speaker; it's an emblem of sonic artistry.

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Handmade in England

Embodying Lowther's storied tradition, the Hegeman exemplifies unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Every driver and component within the Hegeman is artfully crafted in our UK facility, where the unique hand-winding technique of the field coil demonstrates our commitment to preserving the human touch. Our seasoned experts take the painstaking effort of bending the horn, an intricate process that celebrates the complexity and beauty of handwork. Each component is precisely cut, hand-assembled, and rigorously fine-tuned to ensure peak performance.

Limited in production, we commit to constructing a maximum of only four Hegeman speakers annually. This intentional limitation underscores the time, dedication, and expertise invested in each unit, ensuring that every Hegeman loudspeaker is not just an engineering marvel but a distinct creation meticulously tested for harmonic brilliance.

The inherent warmth and authenticity of the Hegeman speak volumes of the human essence deeply woven into its assembly, a quality that machines can never emulate. From innovative designs birthed in the 1950s to the present-day masterpiece of the Hegeman, our master artisans uphold Lowther's revered legacy of achieving musical transcendence. We take immense pride in ushering this esteemed lineage forward with the Hegeman, as we step into a new era of auditory excellence.

Watch a video where we talk to John Howes, owner of the Lowther Voigt Museum.

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The Lowther Hegeman


Colour Options
Your choice of real wood matched veneer applied by our master craftsman.
Horn Type
Voigt horn
Drive Unit Size
Lowther Drive Units
Lowther Field Coil
Alternative Lowther Drive Units
98-105 dB
Nominal Impedance
8/15 ohm
Frequency Response
35Hz - 20kHz
Dimensions (HXWXD)
H1140mm x W1130mm x D600mm