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You’re not just buying a new speaker, you’re joining a new family.

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A shot of the Lowther Acousta 115

Welcome to the family

You’re not just buying a new speaker, you’re joining a new family.

We’re not just a speaker company. We’re not even just a speaker company with a history spanning 90 years. We’re a speaker company that’s home to a passionate audiophile community.

This is where like-minded audiophiles come together to share the joy that can be found in crystal clear audio, join an industry-defining legacy and connect over their shared passion.

For us, business is personal and we want to give you that personal experience every step of the way, from the moment you first enquire right up until that speaker arrives in your home, and beyond.

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We don’t make speakers. We design experiences.

There’s a reason we call our global family Lowther for Life. Not only are our speakers and drivers designed to last a lifetime and beyond but they continue to delight audiophiles the world over, who then stick with us for life. Because, for them, there is no alternative.

So, what happens when you join the family?

We’re proud to give our Lowther for Life members more exclusive benefits than Mozart has symphonies. Benefits like special discounts, personalised quotations and priority access to our events.

When you join the Lowther for Life family, you’ll:

Contact us for repairs
We offer a full repair service on all our drive units and loudspeakers. Contact us with more information and we will provide a quote.
Trade in and get a discount
You will benefit from a 25% discount for any Lowther driver unit traded in for new.
Get priority access
We will give you priority access to our Northampton listening room.
Get personal quotations
You receive personalised quotations for all services and additional work.
Get invited.
You will be invited to all Lowther private events.
You can join the community
You can connect with a global audiophile community.
You will be the first to know
You will be the first to know about limited edition Lowther products and collectables through our email community.
Discover IN OUR Shop

Come and try it for yourself, and give your ears the gift of flawless sound.

Step into our Northampton listening room and discover the full range of Lowther speakers and products in a room that’s tailored for audio perfection.


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