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The Voigt Horn | Reproduced by Lowther Loudspeakers

An Official Lowther Reproduction

In 1924, audio pioneer Paul Voigt created the revolutionary Voigt Horn Tractrix speaker design. A decade later, Voigt went on to co-found the renowned British loudspeaker company Lowther.

Now, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Voigt's groundbreaking invention, Lowther is thrilled to announce the limited reproduction of the legendary Voigt Horn speaker. Using Voigt's original schematics, each speaker will be meticulously handcrafted to custom order by Lowther in the UK.

Experience audio history reborn as Lowther recreates this magnificent speaker that helped shape the trajectory of high-fidelity sound reproduction. With its iconic exponential horn design and unparalleled clarity, the Voigt Horn set a new standard for audio that has endured for a century.

Be among the select few to own this timeless masterpiece, handmade to the exact specifications envisioned by Paul Voigt 100 years ago. Each limited edition speaker represents a fusion of audio heritage and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

Contact us to learn more about the Voigt Horn or to arrange an audition.

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