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The Acousta

The Lowther Acousta, part of our current range, blends Lowther's signature craftsmanship with our premium full-range drive units to create a horn-loaded speaker that is simply exquisite. Enhancing both your sound experience and living space.

Blending Lowther's signature craftsmanship with our premium full-range drive units to create a horn-loaded speaker that is simply exquisite.

5 star review from Hi-Fi Pig MagazineThe Ear Editors Choice
The Lowther AcoustaLowther Acousta 117
High-end speakers

Lowther Edilia

The Lowther Edilia offers an awe-inspiring auditory experience that is both authentic and emotionally captivating.

Enjoy flawless sound reproduction with our heritage collection.

The Lowther Edilia from under a piano
Our Brand

From the 1930s to the 2020s

For nearly 90 years, Lowther has been dedicated to the art of sound, developing a range of speaker cabinets and cultivating a passionate community of DIY enthusiasts. Our commitment to handmade excellence means that every speaker is crafted in Great Britain, using techniques honed over decades.

A picture of Voigt and the patent for what became Lowther Loudspeakers and the corner horn.

Come and try it for yourself, and give your ears the gift of flawless sound.

Join us in our listening room in Northamptonshire or visit one of our exquisite retailers around the world.

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What people are saying

We’re not just a speaker company. We’re not even just a speaker company with a history spanning 90 years. We’re a speaker company that’s home to a passionate audiophile community.

For us, business is personal and we want to give you that personal experience every step of the way, from the moment you first enquire right up until that speaker arrives in your home, and beyond.

A huge thank you to Martin and Malcolm for indulging me in my passion for Lowther Loudspeakers, and their hospitality and knowledge, a great way to spend a Sunday morning . If you have the remotest interest in Lowther Loudspeakers and Hi Fi , book a slot and pay them a visit , you will not be disappointed , and so glad that you did. Once again thank you Martin and Malcolm.
Jeff Carter
Lowther Listening Room
Having had four Lowther PM6 speakers, my father’s, sitting unserviceable in a cupboard for the last 30 years I contacted Martin and his team for help and advice. I cannot express how helpful the team has been.

For the first time in my life, all four of the driver units have all been reunited with their cabinets and the results are even better than I remembered from my childhood.

British and brilliant"
Richard Merry
Lowther PM6 User
At long last I’ve been able to listen to my Lowther PM6C reconditioned drive units.They sound even better than I remember when my Father used to listen to them!

A great job – thank you.
Adrian Mills
Lowther PM6C User
Morning Martin, Just wanted to thankyou for my EX2’s. I’m a week in and loving them, It’s been nice running them in and hearing the noticeable sound improvements.. I’ve never had such sensitive speaker’s and my Cambridge audio amplifier of 4 year’s has never sounded so good, Proper looking forward to getting my Quad valve amp’s back.
Lowther EX2 User
You will not find any high pressure salesmen at Lowther. Everything is conducted in a professional, friendly, relaxed and unhurried manner.

I would urge others to make the effort and visit the LISTENING ROOM and experience for themselves the stunning sounds contained within.

Many thanks to Martin, Malcolm and Pete for a memorable visit and a wonderful pair of Silver PM2a drivers.
Lowther Listening Room

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