Lowther Edilia

Building upon decades of acoustic innovation and design, the Lowther Edilia offers a listening experience that is both authentic and emotionally captivating.

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Handmade in England

The same level of unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail that has distinguished Lowther's legacy is fully manifest in each new Edilia loudspeaker. Crafted by hand in our UK facility, every driver, magnet, and component within the Edilia is the work of our experienced team. These experts carefully cut each part to exacting specifications, hand-assembling the drivers and fine-tuning every loudspeaker to achieve its peak performance. The culmination of this process is the Edilia—a loudspeaker that is not just an engineering marvel, but a truly personal and unique creation, rigorously inspected, tested, and verified for harmonic excellence.

The intrinsic warmth and authenticity of the Edilia are a testament to the human touch ingrained in its construction, qualities that cannot be replicated by machines. From the revolutionary designs pioneered in the 1950s to today’s ground-breaking Edilia, our master craftspeople continue to uphold Lowther's esteemed tradition of attaining the ultimate in musical fidelity. We are honoured to extend this heritage of excellence into a new era with the Edilia.

Watch a video where we talk to John Howes, owner of the Lowther Voigt Museum.

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Lowther Edilia measurements are 1200mm high, 300mm wide and 330mm deep.


Colour Options
Your choice of real wood matched veneer applied by our master craftsman.
Horn Type
Hybrid quarter wave Voigt horn
Drive Unit Size
Lowther Drive Unit
PM7A and DX3 Bass
Alternative Lowther Drive Units
98-105 dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Frequency Response
35Hz - 20kHz
Dimensions (HXWXD)
1200mm x 300mm x 330mm