Lowther PM Series

Crystal-clear mid-range frequencies and powerful sound delivery. Embrace the iconic Lowther design, handcrafted for unparalleled quality since 1934.

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The PM Series

Our PM Series boasts a wide array of models, each designed to cater to a distinct listener preference. This series includes the PM2A, PM3A, PM4A, PM5A, PM6A, PM7A, PMA65 (5"), A45 (5"), and A55 (5"), all featuring the acclaimed alnico magnets known for their exceptional sound quality. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on the Lowther experience, the PM6C and C45 with ceramic magnets present a perfect alternative. Discover the effortless, crystal clear sound of the original full range drivers, all handmade in the UK.

The Lowther PM2A

The PM2A

8" Full-Range Driver

The Lowther PM3A

The PM3A

8" Full-Range Driver

The Lowther PM4A

The PM4A

8" Full-Range Driver

The Lowther PM5A

The PM5A

8" Full-Range Driver

The Lowther PM6C

The PM6C

8" Full-Range Driver

The Lowther PM7A

The PM7A

8" Full-Range Driver

Our Trade-in Discount is Available on All New Drive Units
Every new PMA and PMC drive unit is available with a trade-in discount. Upgrade your audio experience by trading in your old Lowther drive unit and receive a discount on your new purchase. Choose trade-in on the order form or if you are ordering by phone just ask when you contact us.

Handmade in England

At the heart of every Lowther loudspeaker are our drive units, each one handcrafted in our Norfolk workshop in the United Kingdom. Our skilled craftsmen, custodians of a legacy that stretches back to Voigt and Donald Chave, create these components with unparalleled dedication and skill.

Each drive unit is a product of generations of expertise, with every skill and technique carefully passed down and honed. From the precise cutting of materials to the expert assembly and fine-tuning of every unit. This painstaking attention to detail ensures that each drive unit not only meets but exceeds the high standards of quality and performance synonymous with Lowther.

The result is not just a component of a speaker system but a piece of Lowther's rich heritage, embodying the warmth, authenticity, and acoustic excellence that can only come from hands that have mastered their craft over decades.

Watch a video where we talk to John Howes, owner of the Lowther Voigt Museum.

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