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Lowther Loudspeakers, a British audio manufacturer known for their high-quality horn-based loudspeakers, has announced a new partnership with a Canadian agent in Ontario. Minh Van Trang, an experienced audiophile and music enthusiast, will be representing Lowther Loudspeakers in Canada, providing Canadian customers with a much closer location to hear Lowther's exceptional products.

Minh's listening setup includes several models of Lowther loudspeakers, including the AudioVectors, Acousta, Almira's and TP2. As an experienced audiophile, Minh is well placed to offer expert advice and guidance to customers looking to purchase Lowther's products. His passion for music and audio technology has led him to become a respected figure in the Canadian audio community, making him the ideal partner for Lowther Loudspeakers.

With this new partnership, Canadian customers will have the opportunity to experience Lowther's exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship without having to travel to the UK. This is an exciting development for both Lowther Loudspeakers and Canadian audio enthusiasts, as it opens up new opportunities for experiencing high-end audio technology.

The AudioVectors, Acousta, Almira's and TP2 models are all known for their exceptional sound quality and unique design, making them popular among audiophiles and music enthusiasts around the world. With Minh Van Trang representing Lowther Loudspeakers in Canada, more customers than ever before will have the opportunity to experience these exceptional loudspeakers and hear the difference for themselves.

In conclusion, the partnership between Lowther Loudspeakers and Minh Van Trang in Ontario, Canada is an exciting development that will provide Canadian audio enthusiasts with a closer location to experience Lowther's exceptional horn-based loudspeakers. This new partnership is a significant step for Lowther as they continue to expand their reach and grow their reputation as a top-tier audio manufacturer.

Contact Details

Mr Minh Trang,
102 Axel Crescent,
Kanata, ON
K2V 0L1
Canada (CA)



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