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Lowther Loudspeakers, Triode Amplifiers and Fidelity Imports team up in Chicago for Axpona 2024.

Lowther Loudspeakers had an incredible experience at Axpona 2024, where we partnered with Fidelity Imports USA and the renowned Japanese valve amplifier company, Triode. The collaboration between our loudspeakers and Triode's exceptional amplifiers created a truly unforgettable listening experience for attendees.

Triode generously provided a selection of their top-of-the-line valve amplifiers, allowing us to showcase the versatility and performance of our loudspeakers. While hotel convention rooms are notoriously challenging for audio demonstrations, our team worked diligently to optimise the sound quality and create an engaging environment for visitors.

On Saturday, Fidelity Imports USA hosted a special event for influencers, complete with a delightful spread of refreshments. To add a personal touch, we contributed some of Malcom's signature homemade gin.. The event provided an excellent opportunity for industry professionals and audio enthusiasts to experience the synergy between Lowther Loudspeakers and Triode amplifiers firsthand.

We extend our gratitude to Fidelity Imports USA for their partnership and support, as well as to Triode for their collaboration and the opportunity to showcase our loudspeakers with their remarkable amplifiers. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from attendees reinforced our commitment to delivering uncompromising audio quality.

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