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Lowther introduces loudspeaker kits, creating an affordable entry point for their signature high sensitivity loudspeakers.

Build your Legacy

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We are proud of our heritage. Every Lowther Loudspeaker cabinet has been designed by ear and built by hand. Some of those cabinets are built by our very own master craftsman, but most Lowther speakers in existence are built by people like yourself. 

For decades people from all over the world, with all levels of wood working skills, have used our plans and our full range drivers to build their own part of our history. And every single one of those people have a fundamental appreciation for music and a firm understanding that the quality of its reproduction matters.

We are all on a quest to re-create the original intended message of our favourite composers or artists, with maximum realism, emotion and intensity. Music is important. Listening to it in the highest possible fidelity is equally as important.

We look forward to seeing what you build.

Acousta 115/116

This classic Acousta is the choice of many home builders around the world. Once found in the home of Jimi Hendrix, this speaker is a great choice for music lovers of all kinds. With it's front facing folded horn design the Acousta is suitable for use in most rooms.

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The 205F

The perfect entry point for the self-builder. Fairly simple to build with just a few tricky angles for planing, the 205F is small enough to handle easily in most workspaces. When completed you will be amazed at the clarity of the mids/highs and natural base response from such a small horn.

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For further information, please contact: Peter Snell Email: Phone: +44 7478 736802

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