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We speak to John Howes again, the owner of the Lowther Voigt Museum in East Sussex, UK.

Lowther for Life
Episode 3

In this episode, we continue our fascinating conversation with John Howes as he shares Paul Voigt's single driver loudspeaker philosophy and how it resulted in Lowther achieving a remarkably natural and distortion-free sound. Paul Voigt believed that using a single drive unit - without crossovers filtering frequencies to multiple drivers - allowed the full waveform of the music to be efficiently reproduced with perfect phase coherence. This 'holistic' approach aimed to eliminate distortion and colouration, resulting in a sound that breathed and opened up a window into the original acoustic event.

John discusses how Paul Voigt achieved this goal through his innovative and meticulously designed single drive units, horn loading, and cabinetry that minimised cabinet resonances - creating loudspeakers that conveyed the truth and emotion of the music in a remarkably natural and unfettered way.

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