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Pete sums up Lowthers first Ascot Hi-Fi Show Live experience.

Recap of Ascot HiFi Show 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed the show!

"in every other room it felt like you were listening to a system, in here you are listening to the music."

It was a reunion of sorts with many familiar faces, and we also met numerous new faces. The sound from the new Edilia, TP2's, and the new premium drive units was as authentic as it gets, a view echoed by many. We also showcased a reel to reel setup, courtesy of John Howes. John drew a constant crowd on our balcony overlooking the racecourse and gained the nickname "The God Father" as a result. Additionally, we had invaluable support from Mike Blackmore, who was tirelessly active throughout the weekend!

Early listeners on Sunday in Box No. 1.

A lot of pre-planning went into perfecting our sound. We proudly displayed our new PX4 Valve amplifier, set (currently) for a pre-Christmas release. Its maiden performance was a smashing success. Malcolm worked tirelessly refining the new Edilia to a level that transcends the speaker far beyond a mere dual-drive unit version of the Almira, and listeners clearly appreciated this. The revamped TP2, featuring the new removable top horn, is not only more transport-friendly but its sound quality has been elevated with the new drive unit surround. We were committed to quality and left compression in all its guises at the door. We exclusively played lossless FLAC files and reel-to-reel. Every element of our sound setup, right down to the exceptional Music First Audio gear and the Gekko cables, was meticulously thoughtful to getting the most natural sound.

The New Edilia
The new Premium Drivers from Lowther in the New Edilia
Premium drive unit in the new Edilia
PX4 Prototype
Back the reel to reel showcasing some pretty special Gekko Cables
Sony TC-766-2 performing
The Sony TC-7660-2 and the Music First Audio

A comment from one person that summed it up for me was that "in every other room it felt like you were listening to a system, in here you are listening to the music."

The Cadence audio room showcased some ultra-high-end gear. Their shiny tech, especially the classic British Garrard turntable, caught my eye.

Cadence Room

Henley Audio, our next-door neighbours, were demoing some Klipsch horns, setting up a rare comparison opportunity between Klipsch (horn) and Lowther. It was evident where attendees, including myself, leaned in that comparison. Henley also displayed a range of other impressive gear.

Henley Audio's Klipsch Horn Demo

However, the highlight room for me (other than ours obviously!) was Signature Audio Systems. Their elegant Thorens turntables were a treat for the eyes and ears. Additionally, interacting with the friendly US team from PS Audio and getting to hear their exceptional hardware was special. As followers of Copper Magazine and Paul's blog, having a conversation with Paul McGowan was genuinely memorable and very useful for us. It was great to meet more people that are in it for the sound.

Post-show, we received invitations from several notable UK locations, including The Audiobarn and KJ West One. We're excited about potential collaborations and giving people more access to our speakers in more locations.

To wrap it up, the Ascot HiFi Show 2023 was great. Kudos to Paul and his team at HiFi News for organising such a successful event. It was the perfect setting to spotlight our uniquely British speakers.

For more information on what we demoed at the show please reach out!

Martin, Pete, Malcolm, John, Mike (taking the photo!)

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