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Lowther collaborate with Bang & Olufsen to recreate Jimmy Hendrix’s listening experience

You can now listen to Jimi's tunes on his Lowther 115's in his London flat

A collaboration between Lowther, Bang & Olufsen, Leak Audio and Handel & Hendrix in London has bought to life Jimmy Hendrix’s acoustic setup in the very apartment he owned in 1969.

Lowther have supplied a set of Lowther restored Acousta 115’s developed in the 1960’s, the exact model owned and used by Hendrix.

Lowther speakers are handcrafted in the UK and tested to perfection.

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To find out more, follow the conversation at @lowtherloudspeakers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin using #acousta115 #acousta116 #hendrixsAcousta115

For further information, please contact: Peter Snell Email: Phone: +44 7478 736802

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