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We’ve been crafting the best speakers for audiophiles for over 90 years. Now, you can experience them for free. Meet the limited edition Lowther Heritage Collection.

Meet the Lowther Heritage Collection: The Best Speakers for Audiophiles

Get ready to meet the best speakers for audiophiles. Because an all-new Lowther experience is coming your way. One that weaves the stories from the past, right into your future. The Lowther Heritage Collection is now available for your home.

We haven’t designed a new Lowther cabinet since the 1980s. That’s some 30+ years ago.

But now felt the right time. After an intense 2 years of tweaking and testing, our master craftsmen have evolved the Lowther classics that built this brand into something new. Something that’s perfectly suited for the modern age. Even for the most discerning of audiophiles.

This is your chance to bring a piece of history back to life. And to bring it right into the heart of your home.

A collection of heritage speakers for audiophiles

Every speaker is handcrafted in the Lowther workshop in Northampton UK.

The Lowther Acousta 117

Meet the updated Lowther Acousta 116, now known as the Acousta 117. A front-loaded speaker, that’ll work beautifully in any location.

Lowther Acousta 117

The Lowther Fidelio Mark III

Discover the refreshed Lowther Fidelio Mark II, now known as the Fidelio Mark III. A rear-loaded speaker, ideal in the corner of your room or near a wall.

The Lowther TP2

Try the new Lowther TP1, now known as the TP2. Perfect for the corner of your room when you want that deep warm audio.

Audiophile perfection, in every sense

Perfect quality

Your Heritage Collection Speaker is handmade to order by Lowther’s master craftsmen in Northampton. Then, it is tested. Rigorously. So that perfect quality has been achieved before it’s permitted to step foot outside the workshop doors.

Perfect aesthetic

Customise your Heritage Collection Speaker your own way. You’re in the driving seat and free to choose from a carefully curated selection of premium veneers. To ensure that your new speaker will blend perfectly with your interior style.

Want to try out a particular driver unit? You’re welcome to. Each Heritage Collection Speaker comes with a Lowther recommended version as standard. But customisations are 100% up to you.

Perfect authenticity

Your speaker needs to be a part of your story. That’s why we’ve given each Heritage Collection Speaker a unique serial number and serial plate.

This is then archived and available on the Lowther website as proof of authenticity. This new process allows you to trace the story of your speaker, and to pass that story on should you ever come to sell.

Your heritage experience awaits

Your choice of Lowther Heritage Collection Speaker is ready and waiting for you to experience it now. At our Northampton listening room.

“You will not find any high-pressure salesmen at Lowther. Everything is conducted in a professional, friendly, relaxed and unhurried manner. I would urge others to make the effort and visit the Listening Room and experience for themselves the stunning sounds contained within.”
- David

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