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The Audiovector is a specialist high performance cabinet model from Lowther. It embodies all the most sought after virtues in loudspeaker design and performance.

Two drive units of Lowther’s own design and manufacture made specially for the Audiovector are housed within an acoustically balanced cabinet as carefully made an any fine craftsman built organ. 

This Lowther loudspeaker deservedly ranks amongst the worlds very finest, reproducing sound from whatever source with an astounding faithfulness to create a compellingly new listening revelation.

For the intelligent listener anxious to hear everything to perfection, the Audiovector alone will satisfy.


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Designed by ear and built by hand.

We aim to bring you as close to the original musical event as we possible. All our speakers are handmade to order by our dedicated team of Lowther enthusiasts who combine 90 years of technical knowledge, decades of mastery and skill with a high level of music sensitivity.

Towards Perfection