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Now complete. We have tweaked the original towards perfcetion.

Lots of design improvements to original drawings – these will include;

  • Better laminations to horn curves
  • Thicker ply components & damping to (non-horn) selected key areas.
  • Plinth, top & front frames completely redesigned for cleaner modern lines.
  • Improved modular grille construction (like your Acousta), looks good in any configuration.
  • Simplified veneer/paint combination for a clean, quality appearance & better choice of finish at ordering stage (all previous veneered AVs look cheap & messy, no matter how well-executed).
  • Flexibility in setting drive units & reflectors to tune to individual rooms.

This pair will be polished Mahogany / Afromosia with textured black horn interiors & gold / black grille cloth.


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