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Welcome to our new website!

Whether you are a dedicated audiophiles or a new convert, a returning customer or a prospective first-time buyer, we are excited about sharing all our news and developments with you via this blog.

Lowther Loudspeakers Limited, like many companies heading toward their centenary, has been through many guises over the years. Recently, when the previous long-standing owners decided that unfortunately, they could not take the business any further, there was a risk that it could have been wound up, or the brand name sold off to another manufacturer.

As the new owners, however, despite not coming from an acoustic industry background, as soon as we were alerted by a friend and Lowther enthusiast of the opportunity of becoming involved with a byword for excellence in British audio systems, we felt strongly that this was a brand, a product and a company worth saving!

The strength and reputation of Lowther Loudspeakers is based on the exceptional, lifelike quality of our sound, allowing listeners to enjoy concert-hall levels of reproduction in their own homes. But this has not come about by accident.

It is a testament to decades of painstaking development and meticulous craftsmanship. Some of our technicians have been with the company all their working lives, and their skill and experience is at the very heart of every unit that leaves our workshop.

Having secured this pool of knowledge and expertise for the future, we pledge to our customers new and old, that Lowther loudspeakers will continue to be built by hand, to the very highest standards, here in England, by our incredible craftsmen.

We look forward to speaking with you soon, as we embark upon a new chapter of the Lowther Life. Please do feel free to get in touch with us via the details on the contact page of this website.

Best wishes,

Martin & Rosie.


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Designed by ear and built by hand.

We aim to bring you as close to the original musical event as we possible. All our speakers are handmade to order by our dedicated team of Lowther enthusiasts who combine 90 years of technical knowledge, decades of mastery and skill with a high level of music sensitivity.

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