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Lowther Loudspeakers Partners with Fidelity Imports to Expand Presence in the USA

Northampton,UK – 29 September 2023 – Renowned for its full range Drive Units designed as early as the 1930’s and its dedication to unparalleled sound quality, Lowther Loudspeakers is delighted to announce its collaboration with Fidelity Imports and Distribution. This strategic partnership is set to bring Lowther’s distinguished handmade in the UK, loudspeaker range to audio enthusiasts across the USA.

Lowther Loudspeakers consistently stands at the zenith of audio innovation. The line-up boasts the meticulously crafted 205F, Acousta, Edilia, TP2, AudioVector, Almira, and the legendary Lowther Hegeman Sound Reproducer. Each of these models encapsulates Lowther’s devotion towards perfection, transporting listeners to the very essence of their chosen melodies.

Since 2018, Fidelity Imports has earned its reputation in the distribution of high-quality Audio Equipment. Their ethos, encapsulated in the very definition of their name - 'faithfulness' - mirrors Lowther’s pursuit of unparalleled quality.This union is poised to deliver an extraordinary auditory experience to the American market.

Martin Thornton, Managing Director of Lowther Loudspeakers, commented," Teaming up with Fidelity, known for its carefully selected portfolio of audio brands and its dedication to partnering only with elite US retailers, is a significant milestone for us. We are confident that through this alliance, our commitment to delivering an unmatched auditory experience will reach audiophiles across the USA."

Speaking about the partnership, Steve Jain, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Fidelity Imports stated, "Fidelity Imports has built a curated portfolio of the world’s finest audio products.  Lowther can trace its origin to the beginning of High Fidelity Audio reproduction as far back as 1934 when they released their first loudspeaker. Today, Lowther Loudspeakers represent a unique handcrafted bespoke speaker purchase that is unlike the mainstream mass produced products that are so common in consumer audio.  We are honoured to bring such an incredible brand to the US market and its rightful place in the audio industry."

This venture further cements Lowther’s mission to introduce their unparalleled sonic mastery to a wider, global audience.

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